How to Spend a Perfect Weekend in Hamburg

Historic, trendy, with spectacular architecture and a world-class nightlife. These are just some of the things that makes up the heart and soul of Hamburg. Here are our tips on how to spend a perfect weekend in Hamburg, the old port city of Germany.

Experience Hamburg like a local

Hamburg is not a traditional city where you get up early in the morning to check off the list of tourist attractions. What really gives the city its rich character are the lively neighbourhoods and vibrant atmosphere. Be curious and follow the rhythm of the city to see where it takes you.

view of hamburg city from alster lake with reflections of the city in the surface of the water

Hamburg is one of Europe's most beautiful cities

Hamburg in incredibly beautiful with all its green parks, rivers and canals. It is often called Northern Venice due to its many bridges that connects the city districts. You can easily spend hours just strolling around and enjoy the surroundings. It is hard not to get a glimpse of the magnificent Town Hall, an impressive sandstone building from late 19th century, that transforms into a large Christmas market during Christmas time.

speicherstadt warehouse district in hamburg with red brick buildings on poles in water with bridges crossing the water kanals

Hamburg's unique architecture

One of the most fascinating areas in Hamburg is the Speicherstadt district, located in the east port area. It is an old Gothic-style warehouse complex with red bricks, bay windows and towers. Here, canals go back and forth and connect the various warehouses with beautiful bridges. The area is full of charming cafes, interesting museum and galleries. In the evenings when they light up the bridges and the illuminations are reflected in the water, the industrial feeling is transformed into a romantic atmosphere.

elbphilharmonie concert hall in the port of hamburg in germany, build of red bricks and modern glass

Head to the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, the landmark of the port area. At the top of this 110-meter-high building there is a viewing platform that gives you an incredible panoramic view of the surroundings. The building itself is well worth a visit with its fascinating architecture, the contrast between old red brick and modern glass. Another impressive construction is the Alter Elbtunnel. A walking tunnel from 1911 that goes under the Elbe river and take you from one side of Hamburg to the other.

Hamburg's vibrant and colorful cultural life

In addition to architectural treasures, the city thrives in art and cultural experiences. You will find graffiti that is not only street art, but also tell you stories about Hamburg’s political history. Visit Miniatur Wunderland, an interactive miniature museum, or step into the Hamburg Dungeon where you can experience the dark history of Hamburg with the same horror that plagued the city's residents long ago.

In the bohemian Karolinenviertel district, you will find luxury shopping mixed with second-hand, vintage and interior design. Stop by one of the flea markets or charming cafes and enjoy the lively and creative atmosphere. If you visit the city in March, August or November, don’t miss out on Hamburger Dom, northern Germany's largest folk festival with everything from classic carousels, cool rides to good food and drinks.

cobbled street in hamburg germany with restaurants and cafes serving food outside a sunny day

Dining in Hamburg

The culinary landscape in Hamburg is both dynamic and vibrant. Local products are mixed with modern gastronomic techniques. Locals and tourists get together at restaurants around the clock. If you are looking for luxurious food, there are plenty of Michelin restaurants, but also restaurants who serve good-quality food that allows for a more limited budget.

nightlife in hamburg. people walking on street at night with nightclubs and neon signs everywhere

Hamburg has a world-class nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Hamburg has possibly one of the best in the world. The area around St Pauli is the heart of the city’s nightlife and where the magic happens. Here, the clubs are lined up, and if you are looking for underground clubs, traditional pubs or somewhere to dance the night away, this is the place to go. Just a short walk from St Pauli you will find Sternschanze, where the atmosphere is trendy and alternative. During hot summer evenings when the bars are full, the party is moved to the streets. A night out in Hamburg will for sure leave you with an forgettable night.

Published Nov 14, 2020
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